mindOrganizer - Online Personal Organizer

Examples of pages created with mindOrganizer

Things you can do with mindOrganizer

Organize links, addresses, phone numbers
Take and share notes in various styles and colors, with links and images
Analyze and learn subjects, create study notes
Collect, view and share pictures
Create to-do lists, recepies etc.
Build web pages in seconds
Brainstorming and mind mapping
Stimulate your creativity, imagination and reflection
Exercise your memory and take quizzes with self-built animated flashcards
Have fun and relax with random texts and pictures
Create and share presentation slides
Crypt/decrypt information
Explore, analyze, integrate, reorganize, reprogram your mind
Assess, motivate, improve yourself
Confront ideas and images that provoke emotional stress
Detect, conciliate and manage conflicting motivations
Psychoterapy, self-therapy and systematic desensitization