Internet Tools and Services (Web Tools)

Motori di ricerca - Search Engines
Traduttori di lingue (traduzioni) - Language Translators (translations)
Video conferenze, video conference
Text analysers
Text compare (text-compare)
Text cloud creator ( count.php
Collaboration, mind mapping, brainstorming (ottimo mindmap tool)
Collaborative tools (
Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014
The Best Websites On The Internet
500+ Free Stuff on The Internet
15 Cool Things You Can Do On The Internet For Free
Web tools (
Web Tools for Teachers by Type (
10 Collaborative Brainstorming Web Apps When You Work As A Group
Best Online Collaboration Tools 2012 - Robin Good... - MindMeister Mind Map
Backup and download
Google Scholar
Google (finally) lets you download your Gmail and Calendar data, here's how
Content management and sharing, content curation, presentation - Convert Any Presentation Into a Talking Video
20+ Powerful Online Presentation Tools
40 Tools for Creating Presentations
30+ More Content Curation Tools
Curated Content Delivery Formats: Beyond News Portals and Magazines
30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use
7 top tools for content curation (Socialbrite)
File storing and sharing
50 Google Docs Tips Every Teacher should Know about
File sharing (
File sharing (
15 Great Free Online File Sharing Alternatives
Making the Most of Google Docs: Tips & Lesson Ideas
Google Drive
IP and domain checking, proxy, whois, blacklists
Proxy (
Blacklist lookup
IP address check (
Ip address check (
Domain ptr lookup,check ptr record tool,dns ptr test for exist (
IP PING service (
Blacklist check (
Search domains containg a given character string
Blacklist check (
File converters
Merge jpg's to one PDF (
Unire files jpg in pdf (OTTIMO per html to doc)
Convertitore online (Buono per HTML to DOC) (GOOD) non più di uno ogni ora
How to convert HTML to MS Word Document using PHP
Dompdf (html to pdf)
Convert HTML to PDF in PHP the Easy Way
PDF file converter (not very good) file converter (epub etc. to pdf etc.) richiede email
Unire PDF (
Http:// (BEST) (landscape)
PDF to x Converter (
A list of free must have pdf tools for educators (epub to doc)
PDF Converter
CMS and social network softare
Comparison of social networking software
Video (video from pictures)
Video download (video to mp3)
Audio (pronunce)
Speech to text speechtexter (Riconoscimento vocale in inglese) (download music from Soundcloud) (text to speech
Text to voice ( text-to-speech
Speech recognition, dictation
7 Ways to Create and Deliver Online Quizzes
AI image generation
Random Face Generator (This Person Does Not Exist) uses AI to generate endless fake faces
Gif Maker
Draw io photo editing
Top 51 Free Tools for Making Infographics
90+ Free Stock Photo Websites [Exhaustive List] (photo editing) (fonts) (fonts) (icons)
Photo editor (
Screenshot upload
Text cloud gernerators
Nine Excellent (Yet Free) Online Word Cloud Generators (animated!)
Virus scanners
Online PC benchmark
Feedly (RSS)
Test site ottimizzazione mobile
Word Art (best ocr) (file transfer )
File compare ( pc performance test (benchmark)
Google url shortner (site monitoring) (telefonare via IP - VOIP)
Text and file comparison (
Https, ssl, certificates (
New Web 2.0 tools for education (meeting and event scheduling) (OCR online) (GOOD) (templates for quotes) (quote templates)
The Best OCR Tools for Converting Images to Text
Run iOS Apps in the Browser -
30 Incredibly Useful Tools & Resources for eLearning Professionals
Create Stunning Slideshows with Audio Using YouTube (website creation)
Icon generator (
21 google chrome extensions
The 100 Best Learning Tools Of 2012 As Chosen By You
List of Free Screen Capturing Tools
QR code maker (grammar checker) reverse-dictionary
Current local times around the world (time zones)
SPF Record Testing Tools
Web 2.0 21st century tools (interessante)
30 Recommended Apps For Online Students
My Top 10 Web Tools as A Teacher